Capacity Development Summit got bigger in the third edition which held at the Ibadan Business School with about 260 attendees.

The theme for the 3rd edition of the Capacity Development Summit was “Improving Your Business in a Changing Economy”. It held on May 1st, 2015 at the Ibadan Business School. It had 5 speakers and the Summit program, which started at 10 am, ended a 3.15pm lasting for about 5 hours.

The Presentations at the Third Summit kicked off with an Address from the President of the Men of Courage, an Ophthalmologist from the University College Hospital, Ibadan, Dr Tarela Sarimiye. The 1st Speaker of the Summit was Mr Seun Aderibigbe who presented on the topic “Selling Your Business.”

The 2nd Speaker was Mr Ubong King, the CEO of Protection Plus who presented on the topic “Penetrating Your Market”. The 3rd Speaker was Mr Ayo Fatokun, who is an Agriculturalist with disciplines in Commercial and Investment Banking, spoke on “Financing Your Business I.”

The 4th Speaker was Mrs. Sade Taiwo who is a Senior Research Fellow with the Nigerian Institute of Social and Economic Research. She spoke on “Financing Your Business II.”

The CDS 3 Event was made possible by partnership with Sponsors such as MTN Nigeria, Smile Communications, the Ventura Mall, and TYTL Water Nigeria.

Mr. Ayo Fatokun
Dr. Tarela Sarimiye
Mrs Sade Taiwo
Mr. Ubong King

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